Business Operations

We provide IT services and product offerings and solutions that include implementation, upgrades, maintenance and support for your Network infrastructure and Software development, Logistics, Risk Management, Modeling and Simulation, EVM, and Cost Estimation solutions.

Business Management
We have experience and expertise in Business Services and have supported services as a sub-contractor in the areas of Project Management and Travel Management.


Information Technology

Adventus’ IT management has several years of IT hands-on and management experience and certifications from the world acclaimed IT Project Management Institute. The experiences include leading high performing teams in the management of IT assets and resources, Software Development, Quality Assurance, Business Analyses, and Software Architecture.

Modeling and Simulation
At Adventus, we approach modeling and simulation projects with proper project management principles to ensure accuracy and timely delivery. We focus the best and the brightest resources as part of the project team to ensure prime results.
Logistics Management
Adventus’ logistic solutions provide efficiency, peace of mind, effectiveness, reduced risks and comprehensive reporting for informed decision-making. Our managers have years of solid logistics management, systems design, development and integration experience.
Staff Augmentation
Adventus has extensive experience and a proven history of rapidly providing highly skilled professionals, paraprofessionals,and experienced support staff and staff augmentation.                                                                         
Risk Management
Risk Management is a service that we integrate in every service that Adventus provides. We take risk analysis, assessment and reporting very seriously. Through this approach, we provide early warning systems and mitigation plans whenever possible to help our clients minimize risks, keep projects on an even keel, save time and stay within budget.